EYH Diablo Valley College - Pleasant Hill Campus

EYH Diablo Valley College - Pleasant Hill Campus

May 7, 2016

9:00 AM - 2:30 PM

Diablo Valley College 321 Golf Club Rd. Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Phone number:
925-969-2037 kathomas@dvc.edu

About the conference

Registration is now FULL and CLOSED.

Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) is a conference specially designed for middle school girls. Our mission is to inspire girls to recognize their potential and pursue opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Our conference will be full of enjoyable hands-on activities led by real women who have real STEM jobs. They’ll tell you what it’s like to work in STEM and they’ll help you try out activities in their fields. There will be many different workshops to choose from. In addition to workshops, there will be a Career Treasure Hunt with prizes and hands on activities!

Parents will not be able to accompany their child/student to the student conferences but may register for the parent workshop.

Find out more about the National Expanding Your Horizons Organization by going to the National EYH Website and watch a video of girls enjoying an EYH event.

Conference location

Diablo Valley College 321 Golf Club Rd. Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Sample student workshops

Animal Burrow Challenge

What kind of animal engineer are you? Can you make a “burrow” as dynamic as an underground animal? Join Lindsay Wildlife Museum and learn about underground animals and test your skills and creativity as you build your own marble maze. Meet a live burrowing animal and see what other creatures live down below.

Blending Art and Science

Creativity and invention are integral parts of doing science. In this workshop we will discuss how, after decades of scientists searching, female Oceanographer Edith Widder came up with the idea that finally found and filmed the elusive giant squid in the deep sea. We will dissect real squid, and will compare their structures to fish with completely different shapes by making our own fish prints. If time allows, we may have a shark dissection available for observation and discussion.

Chemistry and Art -- A Study in Blue

Learn the science behind an artist`s palette. Make your own blue dyes and pigments, and use them to create crayons and photographic prints called "cyanotypes".

Parachute Drop!

What is the purpose of a parachute? What is the role of a parachute in skydiving?
Imagine you are jumping out of a plane 10,000 feet in the air. What type of material would you want your parachute to be made of and what size would you want it to be? We will design (and test) parachutes made from different materials.

Happy Healthy Animals

Do animals need the same things that we need to survive? Can they get bored just like us? Design and construct an enrichment project for one of Oakland Zoo’s education program animals. Learn how we make the lives of Zoo animals more enriching and fun, and how you can do the same for your pets and native wildlife!

Make Your Own Video Game

Work with Rey and Princess Leia to program your own Star Wars video game with sound effects, personalized scoring, characters and game-play. Your JavaScript game can be played online or on your phone, and shared with friends. This workshop uses the “hour of code” tutorials available to all at code.org

9:00 am Conference Registration

Time Title Leader
10:00 am M - San Francisco Estuarine Ecology - Plankton, Fish, and YOU! Valerie Greene
10:00 am A - Airplane Design Workshop Mary Pinpin
10:00 am E - Build a Bridge and Get Over It! Ingrid Supit
10:00 am L - Parachute Drop! Jenny Yang
10:00 am C - Antibiotic Treasure Hunt Laura McDowell
10:00 am B - Animal Burrow Challenge Emily Holm
10:00 am D - Blending Art and Science Segal Boaz

Sample adult workshops

Parents will have the opportunity to participate in workshops about STEM career opportunities for girls, how to support your daughter's desire to attend college and financial aid resources to help them get there.

Time Title Leader
10:00 am Parent Workshop Catherine Franco and Cari Lyn Vinci

Keynote speaker

Gloria Whitaker-Daniels