EYH Diablo Valley College (DVC) - Waitlist Available email us at communityed@dvc.edu

EYH Diablo Valley College (DVC) - Waitlist Available email us at communityed@dvc.edu

September 30, 2017

9:00 AM - 2:30 PM

Diablo Valley College 321 Golf Club Rd. Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

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About the conference

Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) is a conference specially designed for middle school girls. Our mission is to inspire girls to recognize their potential and pursue opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Our one-day conference will be full of enjoyable hands-on activities led by women who have STEM jobs. They’ll tell you what it’s like to work in STEM and they’ll help you try out activities in their fields. There will be many different workshops to choose from. In addition to fun workshops, there will be a catered lunch (for registered students and parents only), keynote speaker, with door prizes and hands-on activities!

Parents will not be able to accompany their child/student to the student conferences but may register for the parent workshop.

Find out more about the National Expanding Your Horizons Organization by going to the National EYH Website and watch a video of girls enjoying an EYH event.

Conference location

Diablo Valley College 321 Golf Club Rd. Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Sample student workshops

2017 Workshops
Please note that all workshops are subject to change*

Blending Art and Science

Creativity and invention are integral parts of doing science. In this workshop we will discuss how, after decades of scientists searching, female Oceanographer Edith Widder came up with the idea that finally found and filmed the elusive giant squid in the deep sea. We will dissect real squid, and will compare their structures to fish with completely different shapes by making our own fish prints. If time allows, we may have a shark dissection available for observation and discussion.

Chemistry and Art -- A Study in Blue

Learn the science behind an artist`s palette. Make your own blue dyes and pigments, and use them to create crayons and photographic prints called "cyanotypes".

Crime Scene Investigation

Search for & collect evidence at simulated crime scenes and follow the clues to see how real CSIs use math, science & technology to solve crimes. Join us to see how to develop fingerprints & collect DNA evidence.
This workshop takes place in a campus crime lab and offers a true, hands-on experience in the world of crime scene investigation!

Don't Give Me Applesauce!!: A Fruit Bungee Activity

Design and construct a safe yet thrilling bungee cord for an apple. At the end of the session you will dropping the apple (bungee attached) from a height of over 14 ft! Don't let it turn into applesauce!!!

Effects of Smoking on Organs

Recreating the effects of smoking on different organs, including dissection or real hearts/brains/lungs/etc.

Engineering and the Art of the Mobile

Engineers have a hand in making many items we see in our daily lives, including art! Alexander Calder was a trained mechanical engineer who went on to become an internationally renowned artist known for his mobiles and steel structures. In this session we will learn the scientific principles behind mobile construction and make our own mobiles using the same techniques that Calder used.

Environmental Science: GIS technology and creeks in your backyard

Are you interested in learning more about careers in environmental science and ecology? This workshop will explore critical ecosystems in our own backyard- creeks and the species who rely on them. A representative from the Environmental Services Division in Contra Costa County Public Works Department will show how she uses GIS technology to analyze environmental impacts. You will explore maps and do your own environmental impact analysis.

Hands on with 3-D Printers

Experience the wonders of 3d printing.
With a 3d printer, you can take an idea in your head
and make it a reality in very short me.
In this workshop we will explore the possibilities
of 3-D printing and you will run a 3d printer to print out an object you can keep.

Happy Healthy Animals

Do animals need the same things that we need to survive? Can they get bored just like us? Design and construct an enrichment project for one of Oakland Zoo’s education program animals. Learn how we make the lives of Zoo animals more enriching and fun, and how you can do the same for your pets and native wildlife!

Jewelry Making with Chemistry

Learn the chemistry behind jewelry making! In this workshop, you will use electricity and chemical reactions to turn pennies into gold and to create colorful metallic jewelry. All of your creations will be turned into wearable jewelry that you can take home with you.

Lindsay Wildlife

Lindsay Wildlife will be coming and bringing live animals/reptiles to interact with. Come and see what fun workshop they will be putting on this year!

Soaping Up Knowledge

Have you ever wondered how soap is made? We will make soap and talk about its history all the while learning some of the basic chemistry of saponification. You will all get to take home a soap sample.

The Suspense is Building

Have you ridden in a car driving across a suspension bridge, like the Bay Bridge? Suspension bridges, with their tall towers, long spans and gracefully curving cables, are beautiful examples of the work of civil engineers. How do the cables and towers withstand the load of the bridge—including you and the car you're in? Can a suspension bridge carry a greater load than a simple beam bridge that doesn't use cables? You can try to answer these questions in this suspenseful science activity! In this workshop, you'll build and test two types of bridges: a basic suspension bridge and a beam bridge and find out which one can withstand the largest load and why.

Time Title Leader
10:00 am Jewelry Making with Chemistry Jean Ruehl
10:00 am Effects of Smoking on Organs Parisa Roghani
10:00 am Engineering and the Art of the Mobile Maureen O'Neill
10:00 am Crime Scene Investigation Julie Jaeksch
10:00 am The Suspense is Building Taryn Bohan
10:00 am Happy Healthy Animals Betty Villalta
10:00 am Hands on with 3-D Printers Heather Chen

Sample adult workshops

Parents will have the opportunity to participate in workshops about STEM career opportunities for girls, how to support your daughter's desire to attend college and financial aid resources to help them get there.

Time Title Leader
10:00 am Parent Workshop Parent Workshop Leader
11:30 am Parent Workshop Parent Workshop Leader

Keynote speaker

2017 Keynote Speaker

We are proud to have Julie Derby Jaecksch as our keynote speaker for EYH 2017!

Julie is currently an instructor for “Crime Scene Investigation” @ DVC. She is a retired, crime scene investigator, for the Oakland Police Department.

Julie developed a love of school & books at an early age and became a life-long learner.

Julie earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law Enforcement from the University of Maryland in 1982.
She began working as call-taker/dispatcher for the Montgomery County Police Department in 1983.
While working full-time, Julie went to back to school to earn a Masters in Forensic Sciences degree from The George Washington University in 1989.
She conducted a nation-wide job search to pursue her dream of a career as a Crime Scene Investigator - CSI. Julie began her career at the Oakland Police Department in 1990. She responded to crime scenes of all kinds including burglaries, assaults, robberies, and officer-involved shootings.
Julie was designated as the Primary Instructor for all OPD Basic Officer Recruit and Lateral Police Officer Academies for classes in Crime Scenes, Evidence, Fingerprinting and Crime Scene Sketching 2005-2013.
She also trained new OPD CSIs providing individualized, on-the-job training including technical skills development.
Julie retired from the Oakland PD in 2015 after 25 years of service.
She began teaching at Diablo Valley College in January of 2016. Julie believes that it is important to allow students to explore new possibilities and search for answers.
Julie also teaches CSI classes to middle-school students in the College For Kids summer program. She likes to spark the imaginations of her students and encourages them to be curious and ask lots of questions.