EYH Las Cruces

EYH Las Cruces


Register online or download the registration form.

We are so excited that you are ready to join us! Outstanding!

Registration will be open from January 7th- January 29, 2019.

Please scroll through the list of workshops and see which ones sound the best to YOU! You can pre-select up to 5 favorites, and you will be registered into 3 of the sessions.

Your registration will be accepted but remember that your participation cannot be confirmed until you have submitted the release form and made your $5 payment -- both of which can be done on the day of the conference.

Release form

Download the release form

The release form may be submitted in 3 possible ways:

1) Scan it and then email it to raenac (AT) nmsu.edu;
2) Faxed to (575) 646-7024 or (575) 646-1002; or
3) Hand-deliver the form on Saturday, February 2, 2019 the day of the EYH Conference.