Expanding Your Horizons Conference UC Merced

Expanding Your Horizons Conference UC Merced


Register online Now that we've gotten you excited about attending an EYH, it's time to register.

You must pay the online $5 registration fees in order to be officially registered.

You must bring a parent/guardian on the DAY OF the conference to have them sign a liability form. Without the signature you will not be allowed to participate. The parent/guardian DOES NOT have to stay for the rest of the day.

The workshops you select online are just your top 3 INTERESTS. We will put in workshops as best as we can according to those interests. Workshops CAN CHANGE so it will NOT be a guarantee that you will attend the workshop you selected.

There will be no on-site registration.

We will be meeting outside the "Leo & Dottie Kolligian Libary." Please see link for the map:http://www.ucmerced.edu/files/public/documents/130221_ucmerced_campusmap_rev.pdf

PLEASE parents try to be at UC Merced at 8 AM to sign the liability forms. We will be giving free 3-4 campus tours with admissions presentation. These tours will be offered to parents on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis.

Otherwise parent/guardians who don't come on time will just sign the liability forms and asked to leave campus. The pick up time for your daughters will be at 3:15 PM. Thank you.