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This area of the website has been created to assist EYH coordinators in planning and coordinating EYH conferences. If you have questions or need any assistance, please contact us at (510) 430-2222 or

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Interested in coordinating a conference?

There are many benefits to taking the lead and organizing an EYH Conference. EYH Conferences are designed to provide the following unique impacts:

  • Provide a forum for girls to engage with women involved in STEM
  • Promote interaction with peers in hands-on activities
  • Introduce girls to a variety of STEM careers and encourage them to pursue the exploration of STEM

EYH Conference organizers gain recognition and professional credibility among peers and the community for leading conferences. Conference organizers also gain project management experience and get satisfaction in seeing their efforts come to fruition.

Planning an EYH conference is not a task for just one person. After you have checked to make sure there is not an EYH within approximately 50 miles of your city or town, and you’ve decided to explore putting on a conference, the first thing you should do is to contact your local chapter of the American Association of University Women.

AAUW co-sponsors many EYH conferences throughout the United States and they can be a good partner in helping you initiate a conference. After you have contacted AAUW, ask them if they have any local connections at local universities or junior colleges, since conferences are usually held at institutions of higher education. Then, call or email some women faculty who work in the science or math departments. It’s also helpful to connect with Women Deans of departments. In the introduction, introduce EYH and direct them to the EYH website and indicate your interest in partnering to start a conference for girls in science and math.

After you have done this, it’s time to think of how to organize a planning committee. A good planning committee should have at least 6-8 dedicated individuals. The national office has a comprehensive organizational packet to help you determine which committees you will need and what they should do. Sample committees may include a facility committee, a fundraising committtee, a program committee, and a marketing and publicity committee.

How to recruit committee members:

  1. If on faculty at a University, contact female colleagues who are involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers. If you are not already part of a university contact the school of engineering or computer science and try to locate female faculty to introduce them to our program.
  2. Contact your local chapter of the American Association of University Women (AAUW.org). Many local chapters already co-sponsor EYH conferences. Tell them a bit about our program and ask them if their chapter is interested in taking on a community service project to get more middle and high school girls interested in STEM careers.
  3. Once interest is built, set an initial planning meeting to bring these parties together.

To summarize:

  • A minimum of 6-9 committed volunteers is needed who can devote the next year to planning and executing the conference. They do not have to work on the conference full-time, but they should be able to attend a monthly meeting and do some other work as requested.
  • You will need a place to hold your EYH conference such as a local junior college or a university.
  • You will need to make contact with schools and other necessary affiliates

You should not consider registering your EYH without some of the resources above partially in place. Once you see if there is sufficient interest you can register your conference with our national office.

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